Sunday, 17 May 2015

Laughing, Minions & Mums

How is everyone today? I hope your answer is 'Good!'
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So onto this week's topic: Laughing, Minions and Mums.

As many of you would know, last Sunday was a special day for all of those wonderful ladies who have children. It was Mother Day! So, happy Mother's Day Mum. 

I was at the Queen Vic Markets and there were these gorgeous flowers in these little pots covering a table and I thought 'Wow, these are gorgeous!', turns out they were all soap carved into flowers so they smelt good too. I ended up deciding to get an orchid for my mother. 

After mother's day this week my family and I went to a presentation and it was just quieting down, about to start and stupidly before that my mum and I were cracking terrible jokes, like the worst ever... Anyway, just before it went completely silent I made the absolute worst joke out there that was so bad it was funny, actually hilarious. I don't even remember what it was now, but we couldn't forget it throughout the whole presentation. We laughed, then giggled, and you know how you try not to laugh when you really need to, so it gets louder and more funny? Well that happened, we started quietly laughing at each other trying not to laugh. It resulted in us apologising and after that we calmed down. I am so sorry for the other people there and the speaker, I felt so bad once we calmed down; we did get through the whole presentation though without leaving. 

The next day I came home and I had these...

That is correct. The cutest little Tic Tacs you have ever seen. Minions, I have the Kevin box. I think that these are everywhere but just in case , Tic Tacs are mints. Actually, these limited edition ones go with the minion theme and  taste like banana lollies. Did anyone else know that these where out there? I didn't. Look, they even have clothes and faces. Awesome. Beware though, do not chew them, unless, you really like strong lolly flavours. 

Has anyone else tried them? let me know what you think of this limited edition cuteness.

I hope you all have an amazing day/night.
Mads =)


  1. How cool! Looks just like a real flower!

    1. That's exactly what I thought! =)

  2. i agree that is the most adorable tic tac i've ever seen! lol

  3. Love this post! Cuteee flower pot! That's the coolest thing ever! And then those minion tic tacs. GOALS. Just. GOALS. ;P xoxox

    1. The Tic Tacs are my favourite (the look anyway).
      =) thanks for your comment.

    2. Yesssss! Those tic tacs are GOALS ;) :P x

      And no problem at all gurl! Have an incredible day xox