Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hello Everybody,
How are you all goin'? Yes, I am back!!!
So if you follow me on Instagram, you would notice I didn't post that much over the past week, sorry about that, I was planning too. I didn't even say where I was because I thought I mentioned that in my last post (I didn't and am sorry, you may have been a bit confused...). Anyway, I was in Brisbane to visit a friend and see 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER and STATE CHAMPS!!!

It was an amazing show and great holiday, so obviously this post is going to be about the trip.

So I flew down in the early morning of Thursday  to Brisbane and from there went straight to the Gold Coast, that day we didn't do much, walked around and explored. The next day we went to Movie World, we went on almost every ride except the huge Green Lantern and Batman rides because they were closed that day. When we were about to go on the superman, literally next in line (After waiting over half an hour) there was a "technical difficulty" so it was closed, it was so frustrating. The people that were on it before were okay though, so it was all good.
Did another loop of the rides and eventually came back and it was working so we lined up again, we got to actually go on this time. My goodness, it was so fun and scary and every other word you can use to describe a roller coaster. I'm glad I ended up going on it.
Besides the Superman ride, most lines were short and we were almost able to walk strait or not wait very long.

The day after we went to Bounce, I think I mentioned this place in another post. It is a huge building just filled with trampolines and giant pillows and cool things so you can do tricks. It is heaps of fun, even if you like me and the best trick you can do is jump high and then land on the tramp sitting down, then jump back up. It doesn't matter your skill level, I totally recommend going. We went shopping after this because you pay by the hour.

We went to Time Zone, an arcade, one of the days and it is so much fun. You pay your choice of money for as card which gives you points and keeps your tickets. some games you can play as much as you want and others there is a limit. You can also get access to Laser Skirmish, Dodgem Cars, Mini Golf, Simulators, etc. Then at the end you count you tickets and trade it in for some prizes, I got a small basketball, a world stress ball and a marble. After this we went to Infinite, I sort of maze thing, I don't really know how to describe it. You go through a set of themed rooms and have to find the door, there are no normal lights if there are lights at all, do not go in if you a claustrophobic or scared of the dark. its heaps of fun though. To finish the day we walked around, looked at some shops and walked past the beach (It was far too cold to go for a swim though)

One night we decided to go to a drive in movie, so much fun. It was freezing though and we spilt lollies through the car...

We got to Brisbane for the concert a few days earlier, explored/walked around and went through the shopping centre. Though, surprising me too, I bought a shirt, a few souvenirs and food throughout the whole trip. Go me :)

The night of the concert we were so excited, for both 5 Seconds of Summer and State Champs, when I heard they were the opening act I was so happy. Go 5sos, good choice. They both bands played amazingly, it was the most AMAZING night ever. Before the concert the crowd started a Mexican Wave, so that was pretty cool.  They played their new song 'Permanent Vacation'; I am so excited for their new album, which they said was coming out this year. This was the loudest crowd I have ever heard, when they said it was their last song, I couldn't even hear my own thoughts and during the encore it became even louder and by far was the best part of the entire show. It was truly fantastic.

However, my phones camera decided to pack it in, it still takes photos but the quality is now terrible, it is really old now though so it was bound to happen sooner or later. So, I ended up taking my old digital camera, which didn't have the best quality either, but hey, it was better than my phone. When I used I think it took people a while to figure out what it was because who uses a little digital camera anymore. Oh well, I still use him, especially when camping.


So overall it was a great time, I hope you enjoyed this post.
If you like 5 Seconds of Summer or State Champs or have been to one of their concerts let me know what you thought in the comments :) 
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Have a fantastic day/night
Mads =) 



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    1. Thank you! that's great, I wil get onto it ASAP :) xx