Monday, 29 June 2015

Last Friday Favourites - JUNE

Today is Monday but I accidentally forgot to post on Friday because I did a catch up post and was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and posted that on the day ( In which I mentioned how State Champs liked my post... Yeah, I'm still not over that), so... Here is Last Friday Favourites of June on a  Monday!
Oh, P.S. Yes, I know my lighting is terrible.

My new random Huge Cup from Movie World, I was meant to be able to get free refills with it and I was like YES! Then I didn't finish it until the end of the day, when we were about to leave and the stall had closed by then  :( At least I got to keep the cup.

Second, Music; Little Sea's new EP 'With You, Without You', this actually only came out like 2 days ago but I already love it. State Champs music, I liked them before but after hearing them live they are even better and 5sos's new song Permanent Vacation.


Third: This cute charger I had to buy while I was away because I was smart and left mine at home. You  can change the adapter and each end is magnetic, so you can hang it off things. Also lets appreciate the cute colour and pattern. it was Originally $20 and I was like 'put down carefully, do not drop or break...' but then I saw another with a sale sticker, and another, and another... so I got the price checked and it was like $5 or something. 

Fourth: This Giant hand which I got from the concert because who doesn't need one? I mean they have so many uses:

  • Use as a pillow
  • Look at and reminisce the event
  • Display
  • Use as a hat
  • Try and reach something ( As it adds about 20 cm onto the length of you arm it may make you tall enough to reach something, you can t actually move the fingers  get what you needed, I find just pushing the said object off and use the cushioning of the hand to catch it) 
  • Get people attention 
  • Etc.

Fifth: Thais handbag sized Diary/planner thing, I decided a while ago it would probably help if I was organised so I have been looking for one but they have either been way to over priced, too big or not the best looking/condition. As it is half way through the year this was on sale for a grand total of $2 at Typo, is in a cute light blue colour and a convenient size.

Now hopefully my post will be somewhat planned and organised as well as my life. So, that should be good. 

That is the end Of Last Friday Favourites of June on a Monday, hope you enjoyed.
What is your current favourite music? Let me know in the comments below :)
Have a wonderful day/night
Mads xx


  1. Great post gurl! Beautiful lighting too ;)

    And that hand is so awesome! Love it's many practical uses too ;P xx

    1. The hand is probably one of the most useful things in my house :p x

    2. *in your whole street ;P

    3. Thanks for clearing up my typo :)

    4. You're SO welcome man ;)

  2. So after 3 months of you having nominating me to do the lievstar award, I've finally done it! HAHAH here's the link to it! THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING ME :)