Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Exploring Uluru

G'day All, I'm Back from my little trip! Well, I have actually been back for a week but have had so much stuff to catch up on because I was away. I think that's all over now though, luckily... So if you follow me on Instagram, read the title or looked at the picture above you would know I recently visited Uluru (aka Airs Rock) in central Australia.
I had a great time with my dad and some friends. We actually went with a friend from overseas and I don't think he knew how big Uluru is... We told him we were going to see a rock and was like "Okay..." you could sort of tell he was thinking like 'A rock? Seriously? There is heaps of those here'.

First we went to Alice Springs, a town about 4 hours away from Uluru I think, we met some friends there and visited a few places like Simpsons Gap and the Desert Park.

There were these gorgeous little flowers all over the Desert Park
But I wanted to go swimming in the gravel @Simpsons Gap
Its okay, we found some water
 The first day I was a little worried it was going to be hot. I only took one pair of shorts and they didn't exactly match all my tops. The next day on the way to the rock it was cold again, so it was good I took something a bit warmer, by the time we got there it was quite late in the afternoon and we could have gone to the sunset viewing are but I don't think anyone could be bothered; so we just unpacked and made some spag bol for dinner. 

The First Sight

The following morning was the perfect weather, it was actually amazing. Sunny skies, slight cool wind, about a 27 degree Celsius day. Lovely. So we drove to Airs Rock and I think what could have been a 5 minute trip took like 30 minutes. Not because we were driving excessively slowly but because the roads are like all over the place, you think you're heading straight to the rock and then you end up driving away. Then you think you're going to end up arriving at the left side but take a turn and drive all the way to the left. I just don't get it...  All of the roads in this area were like this. 

by the time we got there, it was mid-morning. The place was packed, there were so many people and that's when I noticed... The gate to climb it was open. OPEN. So obviously we had to do it, while reading the info signs about the climb and stuff, I saw the major thing saying 'People have been seriously injured or died attempting this walk, know it is at your own risk' or something similar. The great idea suddenly shrank to something a little bit worrying, how many people have actually read this because there were young kids climbing it... Oh well, I will just stay where I am comfortable, I told myself. About 30m up after a few slips due to lack of grip on my shoes and unexpectedly steep slopes, I decided I would cling to some rock which comes up to your chest; sort of acting like a hand rail. Turns out I am not a fan of heights when I don't have anything like a harness on. Give me a harness, anchor and rope and I'm usually pretty good. I can assure you I am never going pro as a free climber. The others continued a little but also didn't get to the chain, which takes you to the top. 


Once we reached the safe ground again we went for a walk around the base which was lovely. There were free guided tours but we missed them, so that was unfortunate. We then drove around to the fa side of the rock at a sunrise viewing are; I thought it was great there because you can get the Olgas and Uluru in one Photo. Again, even the walkway was unnecessarily long. 

Afterwards we drove to the Olgas viewing point, we pre made lunch and just ate it here. I warn you there are flies. Unfortunately we didn't walk around the Olgas because we needed more time but everyone we spoke to said it was fantastic.

We went to the sunset viewing area, along with about 100 other people, sat out some chairs and ate some chips. It was absolutely beautiful.  I was planning to take a photo from the same spot every 10 minutes but my phone died so this is the result.

The next day we drove back to Alice Springs and it started raining, our friend was so surprised the desert was cold and we; good timing I guess. We left from Alice a day later. 
It was a great little trip and totally suggest if you get the chance to visit Uluru (aka Airs Rock) 

I am thinking about showing you my Maybelline Priceline sale haul, anyone interested?
Are there any particular things you guys want me to write about?  I'm just curious.
I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day/night.
Mads xx


  1. WOW! This looks so so beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Uluru. Its funny that I had a dream about going there this week and I've just come across your post! Great read.
    Tiarney xo //

    1. Thank you :) It is amazing to watch the sun set or rise on the rock and see the colours which seem to change in the different light; I totally recommend.

      Mads xx