Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mission nearly accomplished

G'day s cool people,
The past two days have just been AGGHHH! Two ten hour days of painting wouldn't be so bad if it was colourful and creative painting, but no: boring, simple, singlular, colour of an extremely light grey (that suits the house lovely) but Frustrating to paint on.
We have so far done about six coats on the bathroom walls and there is still a greenish tinge lingering colour left behind by the refusing to be defeated bright lime green that originally covered the walls. The list of things we need to do just keep growing and we have one extra day to finish luckily.

I thought as this has been a very difficult and exhausting challenge to renovate the interior of this house in 2-3 weeks to the best of our ability; I thought I would share my top 5 things that helped me survive and keep motivated most of the time, and possibly help you too.

First of all, mini m&m's, I would say m&m's in general of any size but I find the mini ones better. They are some how just even more amazing. You Deserve More Amazing!

Second, H2O. Make sure you stay hydrated because you don't want to become sick before you finish your project.

Third is Sleep; Get plenty of sleep so you don't loose motivation or get tired on the job. This I should have listened to more.

More food is fourth. Yes, that is correct; more food. Simply because food is amazing and gives you energy.

Fifth, music. If I did not have music I probably would have not surived life in general without this; let alone this renovation.

I hope that this list of fairly common and obvious things help you in some way.
Mads =).


  1. Mini m&m's, always a good idea! I hope you finish your task soon and feel less stressed.
    Love, Jessica x

    1. Exactly! Thank you, I did finish it, just in time actually (literally about 2 hours before the guest arrived).
      Hope you enjoy the posts,
      Mads =)