Saturday, 31 January 2015

School Dramas, part 1

Hello Everyone,
sorry I haven't been on much, I have been busy at school and I thought I would share with you a story.
So I had this teacher one time and if you asked a question he would role his eyes or sigh loudly. Like, you are our teacher. This is YOUR job! I am not smart and you are, so share your smartness with me so I can become smart and you can feel good with yourself because you have just shaped the future into being an intelligent one.
Now the whole reason for this post is that I strongly dislike this class now but I want to get good grades in it. However this teacher is making that very hard because every time I show work to him he is disappointed with it, which does not help improve my grades it just makes me feel like i am terrible at it.
If you are a teacher, please don't be like this. Have fun. I know that teens are annoying etc. but seriously if you are nice and respect us; we will respect you. 

So as this was a bit of a rant and not a happy post; I thought I would share a joke with you.
Q. What is red and bad for your teeth?
A. A brick

Have a lovely day or night,
Mads :)

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