Thursday, 22 January 2015

Good Times

Hello lovely people,
Today i spent the whole day painting a house and to be quite honest, I'm sick of it already. we have been renovating for the past two or three weeks and it has to be completely finished by Sunday; how we are going to do this I don't know, but it will be done.
while we where having break I was having a look through some photos on my phone of my holiday last year to Melbourne and thought I might share some with you all.

This is a place in Victoria called Phillip Island, these particular photos are of the coast directly onto the Bass Strait. We went in the middle of winter; it was freezing and so windy, i almost lost my phone when i was trying to take the photos. We were on our way to the Fairy Penguin Parade, unfortunately we weren't able to take photos as they were in their natural habitat and if flashes were accidentally on it may scare them. however they did get very close, within a metre at some times and only about thirty centimeters tall.
I completely recommend the effort of trying to find a way to see them if on a holiday or in the area, it was a great experience and both adults kids will love it.

 Now this is in Melbourne CBD,  I'm not quite sure what the name of this building is but my understanding is that it is one of the oldest and fanciest hotels in the city. when we went it was celebrating it's 130th birthday that week and therefore was lit up by colour changing lights. It was gorgeous, however if you do not find yourself in the time of a major birthday celebration even a glimpse of the inside the building on a normal serving day is lovely, the old features a beautiful.

Honestly I don't remember if this was in Melbourne or another place nearby (or not) but i had a late breakie here, The Crepe Cafe ; it was so good. Plus it was the first place I had seen these pretty glass bottles of Arizona Ice Tea in so many different flavours. YUMMY!

Last but certainly not least HAIGHS! This is a chocolate shop they had in Melbourne.
 OH MY HIPPOPOTAMUS, it was good. 
Every time you go in they give you a sample, I can't lie; I may have gone in more than once.
I am usually a milk chocolate person however I preferred the dark chocolate from here.
P.S. please excuse my dry fingers, it was winter and I was slack on  moisturizing.
I found part of me here, chocolate. I didn't know I liked dark chocolate this much.
There was definitely much more I didn't include so leave a comment if you have been here or would like some more recommendations.
Have a lovely day. 
Mads =)

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