Friday, 31 July 2015

Last Friday Favourites - July Edition

I just thought I would remind you all of this.

And yes, you are right. Today is actually Saturday, the first of August, however I was extremely busy yesterday and therefore not able to write up Last Friday Favourites - July Edition.
So, lets get to it.

Number 1: So this month there has been some great music released, so I am going to share a list of my absolute favs and others songs I have dug up.

  1. 'She's Kinda Hot' by 5sos, now if you haven't heard this song listen to it. It is different to their other stuff, but is leaning to other bands which I love and I'm pretty sure it is because they have been writing with them. 
  2. Like I'm Gonna Loose You ft. John Legend by Megan Trainor. A great song.
  3. Adam Lambert, 'Ghost Town' form his new album.
  4. 'Drag Me Down' by One Direction, this surprise song was only released yesterday and I can't deny I love it. 
  5. Forbidden Envy have released a new song called 'End Of Time'. These guys are an  Aussie alternative rock band and are pretty cool, you should check 'em out.

Second for this month would definitely be my Body Shop, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Cleanser, it not only freshens, cleans and reduces excess oil, but is a anti bacterial so it clears up most blemishes and reduces breakouts. It isn't harsh on the skin and after a few days of use I could already see a huge difference. I have been using it for over a month, my face is looking clearer and brighter, i have also had far fewer breakouts.
there is a foaming wash available as well, which I am told is exactly the same formula. 

Third is another cosmetic, NSPA Peach Shower and Bath Gel. I have mentioned this brand before in a previous Last Friday Favourite, were I talked about their coconut scrub and how I wanted to purchase the Peach Shower Gel, I made a good choice. It is just as great, it smells amazing, includes natural vitamins and it just makes you happy.

Forth is Blu Tack, I have recently used so much blu tack to stick some photos up and I just thought I would let it know its appreciated it. 

Five is pumpkin pie. It is amazing and if you have never tried it before I suggest you do.

Thank you all so much 
I hope you enjoyed it. If you have or want to get any of these products let me know in the comments below.
Mads =) xox


  1. Love the post gurl!!! So cool and I'm definitely gonna check some of that music out!! And I've been wanting to try a body shop face product for a while so thanks for the recommendation! Xx

    1. Thanks! :) Great music and definitely one of the best facial products at the body shop (one of many...)! xx