Saturday, 7 February 2015

I Have Exciting News

Hello Everyone,

I have some exciting news...
The travel part of this blog will be coming in to play this week!!!
Now, I am hoping to be able to post some stuff and talk with the internet; however, as I won't be able to use the computer I am going to apologies in advance for delayed or rushed posts. I'm going to try and use my phone, and for those who haven't blogged on a phone... It doesn't work as well, it’s quite frustrating to use, however I will try.

I have almost packed already and thought today I
would share my top essentials for a short to medium flight.

In no particular order:
No. 1 A Book
 Currently I quickly need to find a new book to take along with me, so I don't have one yet. I will though.

No. 2 Lip Balm, Moisturizer and Roll On
I am taking my Baby Lips by Maybelline as they are really smooth and creamy, moisturized, keep my lips nice and pink and smell amazing. I am taking my Lychee Addict, the name is correct, it’s addictive. 
Dont forget roll on deodorant just so you smell a little fresher when you get off; i usually use spray on, however you can not take that on sooo... pretty self explanatory why.

No. 3 Tablet or computer, Camera and Phone
 For those who think I am talking about medicine, I am not. I am talking about a touch screen, electronic device. For example an iPad is a tablet. 
I do not have an iPad, as I much prefer Android over Apple; I have a Sony Z tablet. 

No. 4 Headphones
 I have said it before, music is my life. 
Earphones are all good too, obviously, but headphones are comfier and usually give better quality sound.

No. 5 Snacks
Airplane food is expensive and in my experience not as tasty, I usually take some nuts and lollies, because I'm healthy.

No. 6 Important Papers and Purse
Important papers include tickets, you're going nowhere without them. Sometimes planes loose baggage, so I wouldn't risk losing important documents and papers.
If you don't take your purse, how are you going to pay for things? Put it in your carry-on for the same reason as important papers and documents.

P.S. This photo is from last time I went away.
If you have any other essentials, let me know. =)
Thanks for reading,

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