Thursday, 26 February 2015

AMAZING performance!

Hello the most amazing people ever! 
I recently got 20 followers and though that sounds like hardly any; it really does mean a lot that the few people bother to look at,
 and hopefully read what I am saying ( well typing, but you know.) i was supposed to post this like a week ago but then had difficulty with my phone and was nominated for the Liebster and Sisterhood of World Bloggers Awards and didn't want the bloggers who nominated me to think I ignored them because I am really grateful. For those who don't know what I am on about, check out my last post =)
So I have just had one of the most amazing week ever! 
If you have been reading, I am in Melbourne. For One Direction. For shops. For the trams. For Melbourne. I love this city.
before we get started, no. I am not the crazy, some what scary fan of One Direction, I like them and their music along with music from many, many, many different artists of almost every genre. However they are one direction, they are pretty cool.

 We went on the 15th, so the second night and were staying fairly close to the arena which 1D performed in; so the first night we heard them perform and just got more hyped up for when we were to go.
On the night we were gettin ready I went to get changed and my top was too big. I freaked, what was I going to wear? Then I realised the straps were adjustable and It still didn't fit properly. Ahhh! I looked in the mirror; it was back the front... So all was good after I just turned it around.

We got there early to watch Samantha Jade and McBusted; honestly, I was extremely disappointed that 5sos weren't there because I have been a fan of 5sos from the start and before 1D but oh well. They turned out to be really good and McBusted were quite funny and entertaining. It was sad when they went off because everyone just started to get into the performance, singing along and everything.

They had music videos playing in between acts, 5sos and Little Mix should have just been there; they played all of their music videos and people screamed louder for the music videos than the real open acts. Sorry.
It was louder again for the One Direction adds for the perfume and things.

As soon as the light went off, I became deaf. It was so loud. The opening video came on and somehow the volume escalated again. Then they appeared.
"I know you say, you don't like it complicated!"- Harry. It was pretty amazing. 

After a while the people in my area weren't really doing much besides screaming so I was sort of dancing but didn't know what to do with my hands, than Harry looked up at us and so I waved, he looked directly in my direction (haha "direction?",sorry.) smiled and waved back.


Keep it cool, breathe, don't forget to breathe.

Like I said before not extreme fan, don't have their faces on my walls but he waved. This is 1D we are talking about here. I am going to say he waved back to me. 

The next morning we went on a behind the scenes tour of Etihad Stadium so I could take pics for my dad and tease him a little bit. I didn't even think about how 1D just performed the night before, they had almost packed up besides the main parts of the stage. It was so cool seeing how it all coked together and what is needed for a performance. We got to go to all the coaches boxes, media rooms and special rooms for different purposes. It was very interesting, the place is huge and the space so versatile.
Yes, we did go through 1D's old dressing room and my friend freaked, she was so excited that it was funny. I mean they were in there, but they weren't when we went. No, no one was in there but the after mess and some stuff was still there. Sooo... nothing too exciting.

So that was fun. Did you know that they can change the shape of the field at and move the seats in and out from the field? The roof is the fastest closing roof in the southern hemisphere, at a closing time of 8 minutes. Melbourne was also the first place to have traffic lights; I think, please Google these before sharing the fact because I'm not 100% sure.

Any who, for those who don't like one direction; sorry for this post.
I am thinking of taking my dad to a Foo Fighters and Rise Against concert because I don't want dad going alone ( and I really want to go and this is a great reason) but I think we are busy the night they are in town so I am sorry Dad if we can't go. I am so sad.

This was much more fun than writing essays for my classes like I am supposed to be doing because I am away but I will get around to it. 
Once again this was done on my phone so I can't see the format properly or change things around so I hope all is well.

Have a fantastic day or night,
Talk to you all soon,
Mads =) xx

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