Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello Fantabulous People,
I have a new adventure to share with you all! recently I have been swimming with some unusual wild sea creatures consisting of Sharks, Fish, Seals and DOLPHINS!!!

It was an amazing experience and anyone thinking about dong something like this but for what ever reason are undecided, DO IT! Of course, only if you are going to do so with a licensed and registered group who are legally allowed to find and approach the dolphins and other animals. This is because where I am from there are laws and regulations that say you cannot do so without permission and a licences, and if you are caught not following this could end up with some serious fines and penalties. Think about the animals.

When we went for some reason the gorgeous, sunny and pleasant weather decided to go away for a holiday and so it was cold, stormy and windy. The water was freezing, after a while it wasn't to bad ( possibly because I couldn't feel my limbs)  but that wasn't the worst. the worst was getting out of the water with a soaking wet, wet suit to sit in the wind and cold air; I seriously think I had hypothermia( not really), I was shaking and shivering. It felt like the water in the wet suit turned into ice. they were offering free hot drinks on board, I had a few... 

It was worth is though. after a few times of jumping in and out of the water at the right times and only seeing jellyfish, we finally got a face to face encounter. THEY ARE SO BIG! they swam right between us, weaving in and out of people. I think I had a stare off with one of the, we eyed each other until it faded into darkness of thew water. I cant explain it. 

After we went to visit the seals, they were a bit more lazy, only a few jumped into the water; most sat up on the little house thing. It was man made but what it was called slips my mind. 

 That day was truly unforgettable. The next day we went swimming with some sharks, they were only small but that was in the aquarium. It was still fantastic, we were able to see all the tropical fish and reef, it all looks so different when you are actually in the water.

Please remember if you are considering doing this, do it legally.
Have a lovely day and I'll keep you all updated on my next adventures.
Thanks to you all,
Mads =)xx

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  1. Wow this sounds so amazing! Who did you do this with? I totally want to do it now!!! :D
    Tiarney x