Saturday, 4 April 2015

Aria Argan Gold Review

How is everyone? Today I thought I might do my first product review, so I guess we will see how we go...

Recently I received the Aria Argan Gold Gift pack from my Nans and I am kind of in love with the products included. There is a 240ml Bottle of Shampoo, 240ml bottle of conditioner and a 15ml Oil Treatment. I am pretty sure that Argan is Argon; so if anyone thinks I am just messing it up, I swear that is what it is called and how it is written on the bottles.

Lately there has been so much talk on Argon oil and the benefits it has on your hair, I have been excited to get some to give a go. However, I personally have seen some crazily priced items so this is a fantastic gift; thank you Nans! As this was a gift I am not sure exactly how much it costs but I am thinking it probably wasn't $5.

The shampoo and conditioner is designed for Damaged, Dry - Frizzy, Straitened or Hair Extensions; it contains vitamins and some anti-oxidants to re-hydrate and help repair hair. It is a real help for me, my hair has been in some trouble lately, dry and frizzy but this has made it much easier to control and really smooth.
It smells fantastic; like, so good. Your hair stays smelling great for days,

The Oil is just as good when it comes to smell (which I think really matters). It is absorbed by the hair really quickly to reduce frizz, to hydrate the hair and protect hair from environments. your hair becomes smooth silky and shiny and then you can just style it as usual. It can be used as a treatment  if you apply and message in, then leave an hour and wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Or it can also be used as a body moistriser! All you need to do is warm in hands and then rub it in. I think that's pretty cool.

the Packaging is cute and simple, there are different designs depending on the hair type; for example mine is for medium-thick hair and my relative got a thin hair package which looked different but smelt just as good. There is a cute gold bow in the corner so give it as a gift.

Over all it is totally cute and I think it is pretty good =)
It  does all that it specifies and my hair is doing great. All of the info is on the packaging and they have a website if you are curious, which I actually need to check out. 
Hope you enjoyed this and if you like it or would like me to do another just let me know in the comments below. 
Thanks a lot, have a great day or night.
Also, have a Happy Easter, may your morning be filled with chocolates and egg hunting!
Mads =)

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