Friday, 24 April 2015

Last Friday Favourites, April!

first of all, long time no post. I am so sorry. I have an excuse, don't worry; you ready to read it... My computer broke... It actually did, I was freaking out because I was like oh no, my assignment is due in two days! Legit was so scared. Yes, I probably could have done it on my phone, however, that takes a lot  strugglig and effort; usually resulting in little result and a lot of frustration and anger. Anyhow, the computer is now in good enough condition to complete Last Friday Favourites! April edition! yay.

This month includes:

This gorgeous and amazing Leather Fitted Jacket from the QV Markets actually. It was an investment but its getting a little cool ( I'm cold) and I have been wanting a new one for so long now. Lets just say my old one has been worn One too many times.

SECOND: My most recent beauty purchase would be my Revlon, Colour Stay, Browmaker; in the #02 Light Brown. I am actually quite impressed with this product, it is really easy to use and has good results so far. which I did mention in my Liebster Award #2 Post, check it out if you missed it.

Also in beauty my, Baby Lips. I know it is quite old and I have had them before but I am going back to keeping it in my handbag to take with me everywhere.It is easy to apply, moistrises, SPF, tints and smells good. My latest is the ..., I am not a huge fan of the orange scent in this (never a huge fan of orange and should have paid more attention to the fact it was) but the colour isn't overly powerful, my lips go a cute peach colour.

I hope  everyone is enjoying the new Future Hearts album, by All Time Low, released on the 7th of this month. I am pretty in love with it. Especially 'Kids In the Dark','Dancing With A Wolf' and 'The Edge of Tonight'.

So, I have recently discovered this amazing invention called Instant Nail Polish Dry, by Natural Look Australia. It is a spray which instantly dries the surface of you nail polish, moisturises nails, cuticles and skin with vitamin E. This is particularly fantasticly amazing for me as I somehow stuff up my nails just by breathing; I legit will not (that I ever remember) touch anything and my nails will stuff up. Usually.  

Another nail product to help with my clumsiness is the Cutex Quick Dry Top Coat- Rapid Colour Lock. 60 seconds and BAM, dry. Its very helpful but even then I may still need some spray. I know, that's bad...  

So that is all for this post I think, I hope you enjoyed!
Doesn't my background of the photos look like weird, soft, fluffy grass?
Do you have any of these items? let me know what you think about them in the comments :)
Have a lovely day/night

Mads =)


  1. I've rediscovered All Time Low this month, I even bought a ticket to see them live in August! Such a great band, loved your post.

    Kirsty |

    1. They are really good. I hope when you see them you have a great time and post about it! I am now excited for you.