Sunday, 22 March 2015

Literally Lost

HEY, long time no chat.
I am seriously sorry it has been over a week since my last post and only a week after i told you I was going to post twice weekly... So, I AM SORRY!!!
Any way I am here, today we had a hilarious time, I'm not sure what was funny, but I can say we had a serious case of the giggles.

It all started when we had to pick up some stuff from a hardware store. When we finally decided what we wanted and asked the people to get it for us because we couldn't, they went out the back to get one; after about a century they finally came back they told us we needed to pick it up from a warehouse out of the city a bit. "It’s called ... on ... street, number 73, and okay? Don’t forget  ... on ... street, number 73" the lady said. Sure, sounds easy enough. So off we went.
It was pouring down with rain and lighting cracked the sky into thousands of pieces, thunder was echoing and we were in an area we weren't overly familiar with. good start. As we weren't too sure about where we were going I suggested we Google it. When we went to use our phone
for a GPS mine had gone flat and my mums was left at the house ( typical)
We were driving up and down this road for a good 30-40 minutes slowly trying to see through this rain for the street numbers, specifically 73. Finally we were like, lets just ask someone because there are no numbers anywhere. We found a cafe and asked for the name of the warehouse they were like, 'uuuummmmm, does that exist?' And we were like "yes, the hardware store told us it was here, number 73" so they told us what number they were and we could find 76, so off we went.
After finding 76 we could not see a 73 but at 74 and 72. Not 73. After another long look we finally decided to go in and ask them if they knew where it was. They had no idea, so we asked the next store and by a huge coincidence a guy replied... ( no, not that we were in the place but) that he
had worked there and we we're on the wrong street. 

So we checked the street the lady wrote down for us, we were on the right street to what she wrote, but it didn't exist on this street it was actually the next one over! Also we had the wrong name; we were looking for the company not the supplier. MY HIPPOPOTAMUS. 

This guy gave us some directions and a real street number so we followed them and couldn't find the street number or shop name again. By this time we had completely lost it, like we were going insane. For some reason we just laughed at everything and I think I almost died because I couldn't breathe. It was actually probably a road hazard, lucky it wasn't busy... whoops.
We again found the nearest number and drove down, it was down a little side road. As we made our way in it seriously looked like we stumbled across a toxic waste and chemical dump, like there were signs everywhere and huge tanks of stuff, I don't know.

I think the people inside knew that we didn't know where we were because while we were thinking we kind of just drove up and down this road looking for any signs of hope, so a lady came outside. Meanwhile we had tears and bright red faces from laughing at stupid jokes, our misfortune, how tired we were, how much work we will be behind on when we get home and just each other really. she knocked on the window when we stopped and I tried to open it but, you know n those movies how the person opens and electric widow and it doesn't work? like they'll press the button and it doesn't work so you press it again and it starts to open but then just turns around half way through etc. and it just goes on for an awkwardly long time because all the actions are now queued. 
Well, that happened to me. It was hilarious, she looked at us with real concern as we cracked up but finally we got our question through and she didn't know. She didn't know. So she went inside to ask her friend. They ended up Googling it and it turned out to be the shop next door. 

The fun doesn't end here. 

This is how the conversation started when we went in:
Mum- Hi is this... 
Worker- It is, how can I help?
Mum- Are you Greg, I was sent here by the Hardware Shop?
Worker- No I'm Rod
Mum- She spoke to Greg and said I had to come here and pick something up.
Worker- I'm Rod.
Mum- Hi Rod, I'm looking for Greg.
Worker- No, I am Rod.
Mum- Okay, well the lady spoke to Greg.
Worker- No, she spoke to me, ROD.
Mum- oh, OOOHHHHH. 

I lost the plot, I was laughing so much.

So the lady didn't even get his name right. 
I hope that the lady is okay because she was very confused. 
In the end we got the thing we needed and had a great laugh.

That was my day, it was fun. I hope you all had a good day or have one.
Has anyone else ever been in a situation like this? Or have another funny story?
Let me know in the comments below. 
Mads =)

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