Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Picture Day

G'day everyone,
you know how some days you just feel terrible, want to lay in bed all day and have no responsibilities. Today has been one of those days. . Maybe I am a little tired, stressed, you may even say I need to lay off the chocolate and eat healthy. I don't know. I think this time it may be because... we were recently told we have picture day coming up; a few weeks yet. You know that lovely time of the year when everything beauty and appearance wise decides to randomly flop, going from great to terrible in a matter of seconds with in hearing the words " Picture Day".
I have no idea how to wear my hair, not meant to wear makeup; too bad, I will.
Any Ideas for a cute style for long hair?
Is it just me, or do all formal photos or special ones never turn out the way you hope, even when you think "hey, I look great today"?
If you have experienced this or experience it on a regular basis, let me know how, please.
Good sleep is great help, washing and looking after your face a little more than usual is also good. Being happy ( aka. smiling) also helps. I think it gives you a lovely natural glow :) Usually I am but I think it may have just been the reminder.

Oh well, I have some time to prepare and decide what to style myself like. 
Wish me luck, have a fantastic day/night,
Mads =)

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