Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Dorky Tourist Day =)

Hey, how's everyone doing?
 Just to begin with, as you may have noticed my posts are not regular or posted in any form of organisation. In other words i need to get my schnitzels together. To do this I have decided that I am going to post on set days from now on because  don't want to spam you all one day and than not have anything to post next.

These days shall be... Sunday and Fridays. I am thinking about doing themed posts like... yeah, I'm not to sure yet to be honest because i cant think of any good catch phrases, but when I do, you'll know.
As you may have noticed, today is Friday, (unless of course you are in a different country and it is not) so it is POST DAY!!! Aren't you all excited!?!
 (did anyone know that the combination of a ! and ? is called 'interrobang, just FYI; I think)

OMG! literally just thought this while typing, Factual Friday! huh?!? (interrobang) What do you think, let me know in the comments.

Now, back onto the original purpose of this blog. The other day my family and I for some unknown reason decided to go on the Double Decker Red Sight Seeing Bus, though I was pretty sure i had seen most of the sights we had been to. We went to the usual: Bondi Beach, The Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge. The main tourist things and it was really fun, I actually really like tours, some people especially when travelling say "Nah, don't do tours, they rush you and you don't pick exactly where to go, just go yourself. ", but honestly, I think no, you don't know exactly where you are going to go and that means you find and learn about new things you didn't know about before. Usually they have a pre-recorded and non-recorded guide that gives you all the facts about what you see, where you are and even what you don't see.
Sure there are some tours which turn out not as good as the last but that is why you should do a bit of digging before hand, see if the are any rates or recommendations on it. It is really fun to explore yourself and go it alone, I myself love to do that as well, however, a tour thrown into the mix of somewhere new is sometimes, usually a cool thing I think. Especially some thing like a Red Bus Tour where you can just hop on and off as you please.

This day, for some stupid reason, I decided to wear a skirt. Little did I know that it was a bit of a cooler day, bit of an overcast and winy as heck. My skirt wasn't just any skirt either, it was a pretty, flowing, loose SKATER SKIRT!!! I spent the entire time trying to hold down this skirt, the struggles.  When we first got on the bus i raced up stairs to save my family a seat but as soon as i took a few steps up the stairs, Vwoosh (gust of wind)  my skirt went up and my dignity went down. I almost fell down the stairs grabbing onto the end of my skirt to hold it down, it was actually quite funny to be honest. After that there weren't even any seats up the top, luckily mum checked for me just incase.

We finally arrived at the bridge as you can see...

Then closer to the Opera House got off for a photo, then a quick ferry ride around to take a look. 

 The next bus was a little less busy, especially down stairs so it was safe to check if there were seats available upstairs and there were, yay. I.I held my skirt down so tightly it looked like a pencil skirt, I survived. However, while sitting and admiring the pretty view, i looked ahead casually and then BAM, a smack to the face by a tree. A TREE!!! I was hit in the face by a tree, I haven't even hurt the tree and don't recall hurting any others. What did I do to want to make this tree hit my smack bang in the middle of my face. It cut me up to, I was bleeding! ( a little, like a cm gash)  but still, thanks to that when we went out for dinner i had a read face and a small cut. I think it made me look pretty tough though so yeah, whatever *brushes off shoulder*... no...

Did I mention we went to Bondi, the beach, with choppy water and stronger winds, much stronger winds, sunny, popular, you know the usual.I was even considering buying a cheap pair of ugly shorts I was that frustrated.  If I hadn't been wearing a skirt it probably would have been a much better beach day than I was perceiving it as. 


Than we went to Watsons Bay in the afternoon, it was so pretty! It seemed like it was about to rain the later it got but it only drizzled a few times. There was an amazingly good gelato shop on the corner of the main road, Heaven. 

This is a photo I took looking over the viewing point off of Military Rd and Gap Rd, this particular photo makes it seem much darker than it was. When the sun was out every now and then temporarily, it was even more gorgeous.

The view from our hotel room was pretty luck a 180 degree view of the city and on the roof and almost 360 degree view. Each angle showing a completely different view on the city.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed;
If you have any thoughts or questions, especailly any cool catch phrases, please let me know in the comments.
Have a good (place time of day here) 
Mads xx

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